Tapirio can be useful for many types of projects. Here I will offer you 4 types of websites you can build using Tapirio.

Vasily Myazin| 12-08-2020

4 Types of Websites You Can Create With Tapirio Today

You are here, checking out Tapirio. Welcome! You are probably a developer or a designer, or someone who is looking for a way to implement their project. You most likely know what it is that you want to build, but in case you are still looking for some ideas, I’ve got you covered.

When people are looking for a solution for their web project, they often want to know, “Can I build [blank] with X?”. I’ll show you four types of projects you can build with Tapirio.

Why Choose Tapirio For Your Next Project

Tapirio is not a solution for every kind of project. When taken “out of the box,” it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, and that’s by design. The good news is that it’s a great foundation to build upon. You need to be open to using the fantastic templating language (and an HTML-replacement) called Pug and Sass (SCSS). These neat technologies are relatively easy to pick up and will make you unstoppable in implementing any layout type. Tapirio also comes preloaded with styles from Bootstrap.

What You Can Build With Tapirio

Professional Services Website

Landing Page

If your goal is to have several static pages, you don’t need much more than a simple website engine with a router pointing to various pages. This setup can be suitable for a copywriter, a lawyer, a barber, a tutor.

Personal Blog

Landing Page

The main offering of the Tapirio platform is the straight-forward blogging setup. Add new posts as Markdown files, keep the syntax clean and legible. The file names become the last part of your post URLs (sometimes called “slug”). It’s elegant and fast. Example:

Podcasting Website

Landing Page

Podcasts are mostly accessed through audio players on smartphones, but they also need a website that mirrors the show notes and shows contact information. If you already know how to manage your XML feed, you can host it on Tapirio. Example:

Landing Pages For An Online Business

Landing Page

If, for your online business, you need to create quick landing pages with clean web addresses, Tapirio can be an excellent way to make it work. You can create an unlimited number of pages with shared templates and partials to accommodate various business cases.

How To Get Started

Go ahead and download the latest version of Tapirio from Github. Then, follow the instructions in the README at

There are many ways you can apply Tapirio to your project today. It’s not the easiest to set up, and it’s definitely not a turn-key solution. But the flexibility it offers to those with development skills is highly valuable.